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She unlatched the door and opened it just enough for her to slip through then shut it firmly, she was to go to the sweet shop only two and a half minites away where he would be waiting, she arrived at the closed down shop and her heart sank, JJ's car was no where to be seen, had he been caught, the cops were always after him, suddenly there was a flash of light and Katlins scared reaction dissapeared once realzing it was JJ's head light, she yelped it excitmeant and ran towards the car Dogfart Network – Cindee.

JJ entered her room that night in a good mood, after all the fuss about her had died down, the pollice were finally pulling back it seemed, and things could not be better right now, JJ's thoughts shot to that night, the night where it all began, the reason he ran away, murder, he planned on telling Katlin tonight, he knew she would understand, he was fifteen and it was an accident, what was his pathettic step dad doing with that 45 cal in his sock draw, anyone that stupid deserved to get shot, at least thats what he kept telling himself, JJ's step dad was very abusive if he did not get his way, and that went double with his mum, if sshe turned him down he would beat her and rape her, one time JJ was woken by his mothers crys and ran to her rescue, not knowing at the time what it was, he opened the door and to his shock found both his mum and step dad naked, mum with tears in her eyes begging him t o stop, only to get a slap and a words still burned on JJ's mind, “SHUT UP YOU FUCKING BITCH, JUST LIE THERE AND TAKE IS UP YOUR SLUT ASS”, JJ not knowing what to do did the firs thing that came to his mind, ran to the sock draw as he continued to fuck her, pulled out the 45 and shouted as loud as his throat would let him, “GET OFF HER NOW YOU DICK HEAD”, now not thinking ahead of what to say, this seemed stupid to him but he was holding the gun, his step dad looked at him not phased by the gun, and just to mock him, slapped his mum across the face, pulled his fat cock out all the way and rammed it up her ass so hard she screamed in pain, doing this over and over pushed him over the edge, now when your a fifteen year old child, there was nto much that you could do, no one thinks you would have the guts to pull the trigger but JJ was different, he had pushed him to far, and before anyone knew what was happening JJ and fired all fifteen bullets, screaming at the top of his lungs, his step dad getting three of whitch in the head, now not being a great marksmen, you can guess where the others ended up
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Let's head out for some ice cream, and then I'll buy that new bike you've been asking for, ”
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Quite often she would see through the open door one or two of his slaves taking part in some sexual activity while waiting for him to come back to them and Tracey shuddered each time, Click here. Nowadays the collars did all that anyway but the law stating that a slave had to be barcoded still applied

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